Happy Birthday Penny!

Today is our puppy’s birthday! Penny is the little beagle and corgi mix who we adopted from a rescue shelter called Secondhand Hounds back in November. She’s been a fun addition to the household after David spent years and years of begging and pleading for a dog. It was an item on every Christmas list since at least 2005.

The process for being cleared to adopt a dog was much more rigorous than bringing home a baby. An application, a phone interview, a home visit…at one point I was worried that maybe we wouldn’t be deemed suitable dog owners. Not an unrealistic possibility, given the chaotic state of our household at any particular moment.

We were obviously approved, but even I find myself questioning the wisdom of that decision at times. My regular followers may recall that in the nine months we’ve had Penny, she’s had to have her stomach pumped because she may or may not have ingested mouse poison. She came down with an odd stomach illness in March that required a trip to the vet for x-rays that revealed she may or may not have eaten something off of the floor of my van. And part of her tail was amputated. That was well documented in a post entitled The One Where Justin Cut Off The Dog’s Tail.

So I’m very much hoping that the second year of her life is dramatically less eventful.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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