A Tale Of Two First Days

It is so intriguing to me how kids with the same genetics and home environment can be so different in terms of personality. Cameron is quite social, he’ll chat up anyone. Seriously, anyone. As a four year-old at a graduation party, we were getting ready to leave and couldn’t find him. He was out on the back deck holding court with the graduate and all of her college-age friends, talking up the new Spider-Man 2 movie. And they were all listening, completely attentive to what he was saying. But at home he’ll kind of just go hang out by himself.

Cameron’s assessment of the first day of third grade yesterday was brief. His teacher was nice, he can do a Darth Vader voice. He got scolded during Math class for doing something silly. Lunch was awesome because they don’t have to wait until 1:10 to eat like they did in second grade.

David is outgoing, but a bit reserved, doesn’t like approaching new people. But once he’s comfortable, he never stops talking. Never. And he knows everyone, and everything about them. My aunt owns a beauty salon in Hays, Kansas, population around 20,000 plus college students. As a result, she also knows everyone, who their parents were, where they went to school, what they do for a living, what they’ve been in the hospital for. David is much like that. He knows everyone, who their siblings are, what school they go to, which baseball teams they’ve been on, what football team they’re on now, who they’re “dating.”

As I recall, David had much more to say about his first day of third grade.

“Mom, this is good because I’ve had Sydney B in my class for both first grade AND second grade and I hate her. And now she’s in Mrs. Knudsen-Kudak’s class. You say her name Ka-NOOT-sen Koo-dock, but we call her Mrs. K-K sometimes. Mrs. Knudsen-Kudak calls Sydney Cinnamon Buns. So now I call her Cinnamon Buns too and she doesn’t like it.  And, Mom, Mrs. Knudsen-Kudak calls her classroom her Secret Garden. That’s so dumb.  And she calls everyone her little chickadees. I’m not a chickadee! What IS a chickadee?  And I can’t BELIEVE I got Mr. K for Math and that Trey is in my Math class! I must be gifted from God. Mr. K is so funny, but he yells, and if you get to sit on his couch during class, if you put your feet on it, you don’t get to sit on it for the rest of the YEAR. And Rowan is in Club Care with me and she HAUNTS me. She drives me crazy. Why couldn’t Hanna be in Club Care? She wouldn’t haunt me. And Mrs. Knudsen-Kudak wears all these scarves every day, even in her hair. And she calls Olivia like Lid-wig, lid-something, I
can’t remember, but she has names for all of her kids. And she sings, ‘Good mooorning my little Chickadeees!'”

After he finally took a breath, I said that she sounded like an interesting lady, to which David replied, “No, she’s WEIRD!”

The good thing is I’ll never be in the dark about what’s going on in middle school or high school. David won’t be able to keep it all in. He’ll open the vault. And he’ll know everything about Cameron too, so I’ve got two fronts covered.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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