Ten Years Later. Ten Years Stronger.

Justin, Alex and I went out to take some photographs this afternoon. It was a beautiful and warm day. Hotter and more hazy than I remember ten years ago. But overall not at all unlike September 9 or 10, 2001. And that’s tremendously comforting. Life goes on indeed.

Though life was irrevocably changed and saddened for the families, friends, and co-workers of 2,297 people on September 11, 2001, the American spirit, and our way of life was not. The normalcy of today, exactly ten years later, is a testament to citizens all over our great country. No group, no country, no individual, no matter how evil-intentioned, no matter how much they wish to disrupt or cease the things we cherish the most, no matter how badly they wish to impose on us a misguided ideology, will ever succeed.

Because we are resolute. We are resilient. We are strong. We are one. And we are free.

We will still go to Mass on Sundays.

We'll still be ordering sandwiches.

We'll still serve others, like Captain Jeff Galvin, and Jason Martagon of the Chanhassen Fire Department, in uniform in front of Cub Foods in Chanhassen in support of the Minnesota Fire Service Foundation, working to create a memorial site at the State Capitol in honor of fallen Minnesota firefighters.

The American flag will always fly.

Capitalism will continue to flourish.

We'll innovate, and embrace new technology that was only imagined ten years ago.

And we'll hold on to things that make us happy.

It may cost more, but we'll still pump gas.

The desire to reach for the sky will always be within us.

We will continue to travel the world and will never stop exploring.

We'll still be kitschy.

We will still honor and remember our heroes for their courage and sacrifice.

America, all of it, will still be beautiful.

We'll still bask in the warmth of a September afternoon with loved ones.

Our children will never stop being curious.

We'll still enjoy spending a day with our families.

There will always be other towers.

We'll still be walking our dogs in the fresh air.

We'll still come up with pointless fads like planking.

Summer will still give way to autumn, but not without a fight.

And we will always hope that our children, born into a troubled world, will make it a better place.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 9/11/2011


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