The News Just Kicks You While You’re Down

I haven’t been very funny this week. Feeling a little world-weary, I guess.

This afternoon I had to explain to Cameron that his baseball team’s third base coach, dad of one of his teammates, passed away unexpectedly yesterday. Thinking about Cameron’s friend, a very nice boy, having to go through such a tragedy just breaks my heart.

While trying to think of something to write about, I was cruising the interwebs. Started reading the news. That’s never a good idea. But there are a few stories where I feel like I want to chime in and offer my two cents, for whatever it’s worth.

  1. I want Michele Bachmann to go away. Far away.
  2. These American hikers who inadvertently wandered into Iran deserve to serve out their prison sentence just for being so fucking stupid, and causing an international incident. Now Iranian nutcase Ahmadinejad gets to act like he’s some kind of humanitarian hero before he makes yet another trip to the United Nations. Why are we letting this idiot into the country anyway?
  3. The fight between those supporting the interests of high fructose corn syrup vs. sugar is starting to get as ugly as Alien vs. Predator, but really, really, really boring.
  4. “It’s just Manny being Manny.” Is no longer eccentric and mildly charming. Not now that he’s beating up his wife.
  5. I am so not down with a Footloose remake.
© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011

One thought on “The News Just Kicks You While You’re Down

  1. A kindergarten classmate of my daughter’s had a similar tragedy last year. Her father passed away suddenly of a heart attack at only 39 years old. It does not get easy at any age. They sis not tell her about it for weeks. They did not even let her go to the funeral. It was awful. Just keep hugging your son. He will probably be feeling insecure for a while.

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