Working For The Weekend?

Saturday morning. 6:30. Awakened by Justin, loudly demanding to get dressed. Go to his room to pick out clothes for him, he turns on the light, and wakes up Alex, who won’t stop crying until I get into bed with him because he’s “scared.”

Justin & Cameron. Getting along for a minute.

Justin gets dressed, and begins arguing with Cameron over whether or not Apollo 18 is a true story. The conversation evolves, and they start to fight about who would be more scared if he saw it. Justin gets the upper hand in the argument when he starts talking really loud. Cameron starts shouting at Justin to shut up, and retaliates by turning Spongebob up as loud as he can before I tell him to knock it off.

Justin is still being loud. Cameron hauls off and smacks him. Justin cries. And cries. Then goes after Cameron. Cameron locks himself in the bathroom. Justin starts to pound on the door with a toy truck until I threaten to use the truck on him if he doesn’t stop immediately.

Justin gets his blanket, and camps out in front of the bathroom, lying on the floor, looking underneath the door. Cameron tries to come out, but Justin still has the truck locked and loaded, and trained on Cameron’s head. Cameron begs for an escort out of the bathroom.

When I don’t come to play bodyguard, Cameron gets irate, and starts crying hysterically. I finally help Cameron leave the bathroom to put an end to this, and Justin now has a new enemy in the dog, who has stolen his bear from him.

That all took about ten minutes. There are 840 more minutes until bedtime.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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