Finders Keepers

A few of Justin's treasures.

Justin’s latest life philosophy is centered around the mantra, “finders keepers.”

Wherever he goes, he finds some trinket or piece of junk that in his mind is the equivalent of finding an original copy of the Declaration of Independence behind the canvas of an old $1.00 garage sale painting.

Some of his more recent finds include:

  • An orange golf ball. Found at the park behind our house. People sometimes use the green space there as a makeshift driving range. Someone must have shanked that one.
  • Various Silly Bandz. Always a score.
  • A silver NY Yankees clock/key chain. The clock doesn’t work, but you can still set the time on it. Alex was most impressed with this find at Cameron’s football game last weekend.
  • A pink plastic Easter egg.
  • A Hello Kitty “squishie” pencil top eraser in its little bubble case. He found this on the school bus, and when I suggested maybe he should turn it in to the bus driver to put in the lost and found because someone might be missing it, he retorted, “Finders keepers.”
  • A blue plastic shovel at Lake Ann Beach.
  • A furry caterpillar in a nature area near the football field where David was playing Saturday. Alex took care of it for nearly the whole day, they were both very maternal with it, until it met its untimely demise in the form of the business end of a shovel.
  • A Jiminy Cricket key chain.
  • He scored about eight baseballs in various states of disrepair at one of David’s baseball tournaments this summer. You’ve never seen anyone prouder.
  • A fishing bobber on a walk at Centennial Lakes Park. He was bummed out because I found Alex a corsage left over from a wedding. The fishing bobber did not make up for it.
  • A key on a red key chain that was in the pile of car debris, the result of an apparent fender bender, scattered on the curb on University Avenue.
  • A 2-Deutschmark coin. He thinks he’s rich.
  • A monarch butterfly wing.
  • A stray tennis ball near the courts at Chaska High School. He probably could have found more, but some other boys had already found a boatload of them before Justin got there.
  • A purple zipper bag. I’m pretty sure this is his cousin, Rian’s.
  • A red crab made of a pipe cleaner on a stick.
  • Numerous rocks, acorns, pine cones, cattails, and a walnut shell.
  • A pair of sunglasses at the park by our house.

I’m sure he’ll eventually hold a “sale” of these items. They could all be yours!

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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