Top Ten Reasons (This Week) I’m The Worst Mom

10. I won’t let David be on Facebook.

9.   I didn’t let Cameron take his iPod to school.

8.   I didn’t immediately come to Alex’s aid when he was “all alone” in his room one morning when he woke up.

7.   I wouldn’t let Alex eat potato chips for breakfast.

6.   I put broccoli in the stir fry.

5.   I sent Alex to daycare even though he threw up overnight. (Ok that one might be legit.)

4.   I’m not taking Justin to Kansas City with me this weekend.

3.   I made Cameron redo his math homework three times until he paid attention to the directions and did it correctly.

2.   I wouldn’t let David skip football practice.

1.   I forced Justin to go to Cameron’s football game, even though it was at the “wrong” park with the playground that’s “far away,” and then threatened to leave him in the car because he refused to get out.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons (This Week) I’m The Worst Mom

  1. When you’re actually doing the job, It’s not one for immediate rewards. That comes later when they realize (from having their own children) that, as theansaldofamily said above, they had the best mom ever. That’s when you get your revenge. You get to keep the grandchildren on a regular basis. You can spoil them rotten, enjoy them without a twinge of momism to spoil your fun, secure in the blissful knowledge that they will go home to their mom and dad who will have to deal with their behavior. Mwaahahaaaahaaaa

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