Spam, Spammy, Spam, Spam

My spam comments delight me to no end. What kills me is that these companies must actually make money doing this or they wouldn’t continue the practice. Who are the people who actually respond to a post like this, and say, yes, I do need to go to this totally legitimate site run out of the basement of an old KGB safe house somewhere in a former Eastern Bloc country, and order a pressure cooker.

This was a comment on a post I wrote about my frustration with the Archbishop of the Twin Cities.

This really is an excellent post. Thanks for sharing it with us, its usually good to find high quality posts to assist people understand more about the topic. Some of the subjects I am intrigued more about are buy pressure cookers . Cooking is one of my hobbies and finding out any information on buy pressure cookers is extremely useful. I’ll bookmark your site and stop by later on to see what new subjects you’ve.

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4 thoughts on “Spam, Spammy, Spam, Spam

  1. At least that is a somewhat coherent post with a (teeny tiny) chance of being believed. My favourite are the ones that are so obvious: “Thanks for that. Check out my site!” Or the ones like “I noticed your site isn’t getting lots of hits … You should contact an SEO person about your website needs”.

    Better than comment spam are some of the spam emails I’ve received. Some of those emails that get through the filters are just damn clever!

    On a more relevant note, pressure cookers are pretty fabulous.

    • My favorites are the ones that have obviously been run through Google Translate where you can see where they were going with it, but the word just doesn’t quite fit. “I am happy to invite differents to agree this post.”

  2. Speaking of Spam, at a recent car show, I was discussing the difficulty of removing bugs from the front end of my vehicle when a former over-the-road truck driver noted his experiences with that problem. He said to wipe Spam on the vehicle, which he’d done on his truck, and it was easier to remove the insects later on. I have yet to try this, but there’s not much to lose except a few expletives. On another note, ketchup is said to give your vehicle a nice extra shine after you apply it and wash it off! The acidity in the condiment helps remove the grime buildup. This does seem to work.

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