Ella And Brody

Many thanks to my dear friend, Toni, who gave me the privilege of photographing her two darling young-uns, Ella and Brody, ages six and three respectively. My first official photo shoot with someone other than a relative!

We headed out fairly early this morning for the Port of Wayzata, along scenic Lake Minnetonka. Lots of lake views, flowers, train tracks, benches, fences, and other things that provided a perfect fall backdrop. If only it were a little warmer. Poor Ella wasn’t down with wearing a skirt and tights. At all. But we muddled through and got some fun shots!

GQ-ready Brody was up for the task early on. Probably because he had just removed his fireman's hat, which, in his words, "keeps you warm, firemen don't get cold."

I got a little carried away with Photoshop Actions during post-processing. Mom will get side-by-side copies of originals too, she can decide if she likes or not. Lots to choose from.

Maybe not the one for the Christmas card, but this was my favorite shot of the day.

They were so sweet. Over an hour with them and no fighting! Hard for me to fathom that.

The sun was very bright. I probably could have done a better job lighting their eyes. Kind of my cardinal rule and it didn't really work out so well. Need to look at some options for that.

Ella said if she could have ONE wish, it would be to wear a hat since she was so cold, so we obliged. Toni wasn't a fan of the hat, but I think it's adorable! (Even if she has cuter ones!)

Finished up across the street in front of a stucco building across from the pumpkin store! Wayzata has a cute little downtown. Time for some hot chocolate for these two troopers!

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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