Photo Bomb

Sometimes I just despise weekends. Seems like the free time that we should all be enjoying just provides more opportunities for everyone to fight. It’s maddening.

I had to beg and plead my oldest two (after negotiating an outfit with Cameron for the better part of an hour) to come with Justin, Alex and me to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden so I could take their pictures. Part for my photography portfolio, part because I thought maybe I’d get a good Christmas picture of the four of them together.

Here’s how it went.

Lovely that they're helping me out by being so serious.

It certainly looks like Cameron is bashing Justin's face into the wall, doesn't it?

Just as well that David photo bombed this one. Justin's eyes look psycho.

Mother Mary, pray for me to have the strength to get through this day.

Maybe. There are some oddly pained expressions happening, though.

And holding it together long enough for one snap, then back to freaking Justin out by moving this platform that was two feet off the ground, which they shouldn't have been on, and scaring Justin.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


2 thoughts on “Photo Bomb

  1. Ah, the joys of motherhood. I remember them well. I can’t imagine going through it (i.e. motherhood) with four – all boys at that. If they are not actually doing something mischievous they are planning it.

    I had two – boy and girl. They fought constantly. The boy was not quite two years older than the girl, but the girl held her own. I got so tired of it. Finally, one Christmas, I got the surprise of my life. For a Christmas present, they had, for once, gotten together and planned a wonderful treat for me…no fighting between them for one whole week.

    At first, I thought, yeah, yeah, tell me another one. However, the biggest surprise was that they stuck to the bargain 100%. It was the best Christmas I ever had. After the week ended, they went back to their usual fighting. However, it seemed like a lot of the zing went out of it and they were going through the motions most times. Today, they are friends, although not really close. That was the most I could have hoped for anyhow 🙂

    That present truly was one of the real joys of motherhood.

    Btw, I like all the pics. They are representative of how your kids really are. The last one is quite nice.

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