The Siren Song Of Color

I cycled through several different majors during my first two years of college. As a freshman, I was an Architecture major for about five minutes. I made my decision after pre-enrollment, and so I couldn’t get into any studio classes. An advisor recommended some art classes in lieu of studio, but I soon realized that architecture involved entirely too much math, and I switched to Advertising. In retrospect, that’s where I should have stuck, but who really knows what they want when they’re not even able to drink legally.

I’ve always loved art. When I was younger I spent countless hours in my room drawing. My favorite thing to do was pencil sketches. I didn’t appreciate art classes enough in high school. Tons of space, easy clean up, unlimited supplies. You don’t have that luxury as you move on.

My favorite place at Kansas State was Varney’s Bookstore. That’s where I bought all my art supplies. My favorite 2B drawing pencils, cold press watercolor paper, sketch pads, sable paintbrushes.

Today I went to Penco Artists’ Supply Warehouse in downtown Minneapolis to buy photo cards and envelopes, plastic protectors, and mats. I haven’t set foot in true art supply store in eons, never one this huge. It was like the mothership was calling me home. I seriously wanted one of everything. Just seeing pastel crayons made me long for the sensuous feeling of the soft color melting onto the rough surface of a toothy paper.

I’m inexplicably drawn to color, and any time a spectrum of colors is placed in front of me, I am enamoured. Calligraphy pens, paints, pastels, colored pencils, colored paper, colored matboards, Sharpies, colored pens, tempera, markers. Color. I even love the names. Fuschia. Periwinkle. Violet. Crimson. Indigo. Cadmium Red. Onyx. Aqua. Phtalo Blue. Titanium White. Ochre. Azure. Metallic Silver. Raw Umber. Cerulean. Naples Yellow.

Alas, the only color I indulged in was a handful of gel pens as closely matching my web safe logo colors (# FF3366, #999966, #663399) as I could find, that hopefully I can use to lure people in, and then resell at a decent mark-up.

I apologize for the geekiness of this. It’s kind of ridiculous, but it’s my happy place.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


3 thoughts on “The Siren Song Of Color

  1. I find it slightly ironic that on a day you write of your love of color, you have the boys’ photo in bw! I love the photo; they are so handsome and each and everyone looks like you in a different way. I don’t know Barry so I don’t know if they also resemble him…but you won’t be able to lose this brood in a crowd even on those moments you WANT to. Slap a little SexyBabyKansas 1985 banner on them…and they are you. Minus the fabulous hair. But they could use wigs!

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