Creepy Clowns

Had a blast tonight at an awesome Halloween party (Thanks Kim and Bryan!).

Cameron won the eating a donut hanging from a string without using your hands contest. Barry was ever so proud. The kids were all having a great time, running around all over the place. At one point I was worried about Justin, because this wasn’t his usual crowd, and he was a little nervous and shy when we first got there. David and Cameron were out in front, but Justin wasn’t with them. I hoped he was okay because he usually likes to be paired up with someone.

Just as I was going to look for him, he came running from the side of the house, carrying a pitchfork as another kid was chasing him. Guess he was doing fine.

The freakiest thing there were two guys, I still don’t really know who they were, an uncle and nephew, both about 6’7″ tall. The uncle wore a long, black cape and had white make-up on his face, kind of like Boo Radley, had no hair, and some fake blood. Nephew wore the scariest goddamned clown costume I’ve ever seen.

At one point this 6’7″ clown was wandering around slowly, holding his axe, amidst all the little shrimpy kids who were playing under the tree. It was just plain creepy. My crappy camera phone photo doesn’t do it justice, but you get the picture.


© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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