Ghetto Like Fred Savage

I’m too mentally exhausted to write anything worthwhile tonight. And tomorrow I’m so lucky because I get an extra hour to listen to my kids fight, whine, and argue. Yay!

I will tell you about my brush with fame, though. I kind of love Twitter. It’s so dumb, but fun. I’ve never been a person who is obsessed with celebrities. Sure, I’ll read People in the doctor’s office or pick up US Weekly at an airport kiosk before a plane trip, but I really don’t devote a lot of my time to thinking about the lives of famous people.

Nonetheless, many of these people are entertainers. And some of the 140 character statements they make entertain me to no end. I only follow the people who make me laugh or have something relatively worthwhile or newsworthy to say.

One person I follow is former child actor, Fred Savage. You may remember him as Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years. He directs a lot now, mostly television shows. At some point someone referred to Fred as being “ghetto,” which is funny because the boy couldn’t be more suburban and lily-white. So every now and then he’ll throw out a statement with a hashtag #ghettolikefredsavage with something really lame or ridiculously mildly criminal.

Examples from @thefredsavage himself.
“Made french toast for the kids this morning with hamburger buns cause we were out of bread…also cuz I’m straight-up ghetto.”

And then others make up their own.
@Paul_Rego “all of my towels at home have a hotel logo on them cuz i’m #ghettolikefredsavage.”
@RobertCorr “When my neighbors Wi-Fi goes out I go to Starbucks because I’m #ghettolikefredsavage.”

I threw out one of my own yesterday, because I actually did this. Long story.
@redredwein “Bought a fountain Coke at Costco. Refilled it at Target. ‘Cuz I’m #ghettolikefredsavage.”

And a few hours later, the actual Fred Savage “re-tweeted” it, which basically means he forwarded it out to his followers. He did mine and like two others. He commented on mine. “Badass.”

And then people thought it was funny enough that they started re-tweeting his re-tweet of my #ghettolikefredsavage. And shortly after that, #ghettolikefredsavage became a trending topic on Twitter for a little while. Then Fred tweeted later, “I love the new wave of #ghettolikefredsavage. You guys are awesome.”

So I like to think that I’m the one who started it all. Yeah, I’m takin’ credit for it, allbymahself ‘cuz I’m ghetto like Fred Savage. Bitches.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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