The Wizard Of Oz II

My youngest two boys were born 18 months apart. Justin is six. Alex is four. They are opposites in many ways, but best buddies. Somehow they complement each other very nicely, and usually play well together. And by this I mean that they are much easier to deal with separately because then it’s more difficult for them to plot.

Sometimes the contrast between them is striking, and usually kind of amusing. They were acting out an elaborate pretend story in the bathtub tonight with some random action figures and toys. I went into the bathroom to check on them, and Justin said, “Mom, we’re playing The Wizard of Oz 2!”

Alex: “Yeah, in this one Dorothy has red hair. And her dress is purple. Isn’t she beautiful?”

Justin: “Yeah, this is the one where they all get killed.”

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


4 thoughts on “The Wizard Of Oz II

  1. That is about the perfect bit of dialogue to prove opposites somehow attract. Kids do say the darndest things.

    One of these days you’ll look back on all this chaos and laugh, but I bet you’ll still mostly be glad it’s all behind you. Maybe. 😛

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