Girl With Sunflower Smashing Things

I wrote last week about how much my spam commenters amuse me. I think my search term analytics amuse me even more. This is the listing of search terms people have entered into search engines, and then have been pointed to my blog site. I’m afraid many of them were probably sorely disappointed. Some should be in court-mandated counseling.

The most frequent search term of all time is toucan. Last March I wrote a post entitled Toucans, Howler Monkeys And Buttress Trees, which was basically about a conversation I had with Cameron when he was studying the rainforest unit in Science. I included a stock photo of a toucan. Now everyone looking for stock photos of toucans is apparently pointed to me. Ok, whatever.

Here are some of the more interesting terms this week. Some I can tie back to a particular post. Like I know chuck norris roundhouse kick was from something called What The World Needs Now… Some are disturbing. What are these freaks doing on the internet? But of the others however are so specific (i.e. roadway design business udot salt lake city linkedin) that I have no idea how they were directed to me. Search terms are still an inexact science, I guess.

prison corridor
lane davies
3 piece suit,gay
photography ever sold
how long did your cough last whooping cough
steven cannone stevie beefs
chuck norris roundhouse kick
boys easter shorts
condom in beds
ghetto like fred savage meaning
tackleberry dead
sunflower jokes
i found a used condom in dads room
paterno campus litterer
fiberglass in skin
bryce dallas howard ass
ancient hieroglypics of mayan people noses
my brain is experiencing technical difficulties
smokin outlaw bikers
girl with sunflower smashing things
“i’ll lick your feet”
boy socks blog
are you always so stupid or is today a special occasion?
roadway design business udot salt lake city linkedin
mother of all bruises
animal tootcan pictus
gadget acquisition syndrome

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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