Penny’s Gotcha Day

One year ago today we brought home our baby girl, Penny. She was so sweet with her little black ears and big brown eyes. The guys all fell in love with her in an instant.

Getting a dog was a bit spur-of-the-moment, though David had asked for one since probably the age of three. The problem is when you start poking around on sites like PetFinder, and you read the little back stories of all these adorable doggies, you eventually find yourself in a position where you find one or two you really, really like, and on a lark you go to an adoption event or send an e-mail about a particular dog, and the next thing you know, you’re so far down the path you can’t back out.

Penny is a beagle and corgi mix (no idea what the story was there) was known as “Winny” when we adopted her through a rescue agency, Secondhand Hounds. Her foster mom called her that because she was kind of a whiny little thing. She’s still easily excitable, especially when she’s happy. Or really sad. Or playing. Or defending her turf.

Penny on the day we brought her home.

We called her Penny because it sounded enough like Winny that she wouldn’t be confused, and because Penny is a character we like on The Big Bang Theory, who also has four guys who are smitten with her, just like our Penny.

It’s been an interesting year, with lots of drama, lots of puppy naughtiness but mostly fun and love, and we can’t imagine life without her! She loves her guys, even though she torments them sometimes, taking their stuff and turning it into a big game. Right now she’s curled up on her blanket sleeping, but in a few minutes she’ll realize David’s bus will be here soon, and start staring out the window in anticipation.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011



4 thoughts on “Penny’s Gotcha Day

  1. thank you for taking a rescue dog. we rescued a cat five years ago, now almost 6 yrs. and love her to pieces. she is way different in personality than her predecessor, but we have adjusted and she has decided we will work out after all.

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