Cheesecake Italiano


I have just *this* much Martha Stewart in me, and it doesn’t come out often. My friend, Lisa is the queen of theme parties, and tonight is Party Italiano, probably inspired by her recent trip to Italy with her brother and daughter. I watched the parade of pictures on Facebook with green-eyed jealousy. I love Italy. I long to return someday.

Usually Lisa’s events are more oriented around alcohol, and though she definitely has that covered with the limoncello martinis she’s planning, this one is decidedly more food-centric. So I set out to make an Italian cheesecake, like you’d find in a NYC Italian bakery. I was looking for some seasonal fruit to top it off, and found a spectacular recipe from another WordPress blogger, Maple, Citrus & Ginger Cranberry Preserves.

I made the preserves last night, and it turned out wonderfully. I attempted the cheesecake this morning, and the results are mixed. I was worried about it spilling over the edge so I divided the batter into two pans, resulting in a very thin cake. Also I ignored the recipe directions to use a springform pan, and I think I have some sticking issues going on. But at the moment I guess it looks kind of pretty.


© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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