My Kids Are Sucking The Joy Out Of Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a time when everyone sees the world through children’s eyes, right? The magical, joyful, wonderment, blah, blah, blah…

Maybe I’m being extra Scroog-ey this year, but I find that to be a load of crap, unless you have Ritalin-hazed, brainwashed Stepford kids. My own personal kids are ruining Christmas.

David has already declared this year will go into the annals as “worst Christmas ever” if he doesn’t get a PS3. Last weekend when we put up the tree it turned into a free-for-all of kids arguing over whose ornaments were whose, breaking a couple of mine that I’ve had for well over ten years in the process. We drew names for the guys to shop for each other yesterday. Alex and Justin drew David and Cameron. We went shopping for them, wrapped up their presents, but then Alex spent the rest of the day crying because there wasn’t anything under the tree for him. Today when I did wrap something to put under the tree for him and for Justin, Justin had a hissy fit because he wanted to open it today rather than wait until Christmas. Then Alex joined in and tried to rip paper off of his present, and got mad because I wouldn’t tell him what it was. Now there are no presents under the tree because I’ve hidden them all, and they’re mad about that too. Cameron and Justin have spent the better part of the week defiling each other’s lists to Santa that are hanging on the fridge. I have already taken away Justin and Alex’s scheduled trip to see Santa at the mall tomorrow morning with their daycare friends because of their reprehensible behavior today, and I’m *this* close to just canceling Christmas altogether. Has that ever been done? My friend canceled trick-or-treating one year. It really had no meaningful impact on future behavior, no lessons were learned. I’m literally at my wits’ end. Seriously ready to put an ad in the paper, “Free to a good home.” Take the lot of them or pick your favorite of the litter.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


10 thoughts on “My Kids Are Sucking The Joy Out Of Christmas

  1. When I was in high school my mom cancelled Christmas for me only. I didn’t get my presents until February. Her plan backfired on her. My Anuts and Uncles were really angry that they did not get to see me open my presents. I thought it was funny that she ended up suffering most. I don’t even remember what I did to get into trouble. I wasn’t even a bad kid.

    • That sounds like what happened to my friend who took Halloween away from her daughter. Neither of them can remember what precipitated it. And she wasn’t (isn’t) a bad kid either. Probably just pushed her mom’s buttons with attitude and defiance until she couldn’t take it. I wouldn’t call mine bad either, I just can’t take them anymore. ;o)

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