It Isn’t Even Funny Anymore

Highlights from my evening. I don’t like this. I’m normally pretty happy. Even amidst all the chaos, I can usually laugh at it. That’s why I write, it keeps me sane. Tonight I’m finding nothing at all remotely funny about anything that is going on. And that’s not good.

  • Cameron threw a screaming hissy fit because Barry wouldn’t get his bike down from the garage ceiling so he could deliver Christmas cards to the neighbors.
  • Justin had a conniption because he lost the little sword to one of his action figures.
  • Alex drew on my nightstand and iPod dock with a permanent black marker.
  • David tried to be a co-parent all night, administering his own brand of discipline, which did nothing but make matters worse.

Those were only the highlights. To list them all would result in a sure-fire nervous breakdown and possibly a jail sentence. Also my husband just came in here, after being gone for an hour while I was here dealing with the mayhem, and asked me, “Is that all you do, look at your computer all night?”

Someone is going down tonight. And St. Nicholas will not be making a visit. He’s too mad to even make the effort of putting coal in stockings. He just doesn’t care anymore. Broken and beaten down. Exhausted from trying to please everyone and pleasing no one as a result. Tired of the fighting. Angry that no one seems to notice how close I am to the end of my rope. Sick of getting no respect. Contemplating going on strike. Considering the silent treatment as an option. No one listens anyway.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


3 thoughts on “It Isn’t Even Funny Anymore

  1. I’d say the silent treatment. Talk to no one and answer no one. Maybe not even help anyone do anything. Go to your room and shut the door. If anyone enters, walk out. If they follow you, go back to your room. If they come in, go outside and leave, never saying a word. What is that saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Sounds like a good picture to me. There isn’t anything worse than the silent treatment. It’s awful.

  2. I feel you! My trigger: the clutter and mess my kids leave everywhere (my personal hell) and my husband’s habit of plopping on the couch after work while chaos ensues all around him. YOU NEED A BREAK! Forget the tactics (silent treatment, et. al.) because if you keep using them eventually they will lose their impact. Save them for a truly unforgivable act. Just get the heck out of the house for a while and do something good for yourself. I promise it will help and when you get home? Your kids will be cute again. Promise!

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