Serenity Now

This week is just not getting any better. A $700 repair bill for Mini-Van #1 yesterday. Dog puked up a green gumball on my bed because someone left it where she could get at it. Dishwasher is doing weird things like not wanting to finish a whole cycle. Cameron missed the bus this morning because I accidentally sent Justin to school with his snow pants, and he didn’t want to wear a pair of David’s old ones.

The satellite TV guy was here all morning realigning things and setting up a new receiver, and Penny went nuts every time he came back to the door.

And just now, at 3:57pm, I realized that in this morning’s commotion, I forgot to call the school and the bus company telling them that Justin was supposed to be going home with his friend on the Kangaroo bus. I did send a note with him, and I got no phone calls this afternoon so I’m assuming that worked out.

Cameron came home from school today, and alleged that his teacher got mad at him for reading a book during a Language Arts lesson (which he admits to, but fails to see why that sort of thing might be upsetting to a teacher), yelled at him, hit him on the leg, and said that he was “poorly raised.” The account seems to be corroborated by someone else on the bus who is in his class.

David was outside when Cameron’s bus came home, and was the first one to hear this story, and in his typical cool-headed and measured tone, called Barry, called and texted me, got Cameron all whipped up, and demanded justice for Cameron in the form of storming the classroom with torches and pitchforks or something with equal fanfare.

I let Barry fire off an e-mail to the teacher about that one. Divergent as our personalities are, me being the “calm one,” ironically it is my husband who is the diplomat of the family. So we’ll see what happens on that front. Either way Cameron needs to get his act together.

I’m thinking of invoking my friend Lisa’s “no screen time” punishment for this round of hoopla. It might do us all some good.

And it’s still not funny. Serenity now.


© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


2 thoughts on “Serenity Now

    • Does it count as “quality shopping time” if you get six phone calls and four texts in the span of two hours and then for the finale get a call because a kid is having a fit about lettuce on his Jimmy Johns sandwich and husband begging you to come home?

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