Is That Bad?

Actual conversation with my husband.

Me: “Why are there bleached out spots all over my underwear? I just bought these.”
Barry: “Sometimes I use bleach in the wash if I’m washing the kids’ sheets if they had an accident. To get the smell out.”
Me: “You put other things in with the sheets?”
Barry: “Yeah.”
Me: “Colors?”
Barry: “Yeah. (Pause.) Is that bad?”
Me: (Face palm.)

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


3 thoughts on “Is That Bad?

  1. Lol – his reply to the facepalm was likely, “Duh, well, I’m just a guy.” That’s my husband’s favorite response when he has broken some self-explanatory household rule. However, let him fart badly enough to chase the dogs out of the room and he will proclaim his superiority and manliness. Who can figure guys?

  2. My dad turned my pink powerpuff girls slippers blue in the wash once :S I have no idea how he managed to change the colour completely! There should be like a special manual for dad’s and husbands for when they do houshold things. You know… just in case

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