Reducto Flipendo

Justin got Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 on Blu-ray for Christmas. He’s been bringing sticks into the house for the last several months now, using them as wands. Watching the movie again re-energized that practice. Surprisingly enough, they always did look like perfect Harry Potter wands.

Today he had new ones for himself and Cameron.

Me: “Justin, where do you find the sticks you use for wands?”
Justin: “Outside. You know that tree by the side of the house, by that big sewer?” (He was gesturing directions at this point. He said “sewer,” but he meant “gutter.” I thought that was kind of funny.)
Me: “Yeah, but how do you find ones that are just the right size?”
Justin: (As matter-of-factly as anyone could possibly be.) “I get those big clippers from the garage. The ones with the two handles. Or sometimes I just break ’em.”

Guess that explains this scene I came across a month ago. At the time I decided I wasn't even going to ask. Wise choice.

At this point I’m slightly alarmed. He’s referring to a set of hedge clippers that are as long as his arms, sharp, not exactly light, and are kept on the wall on the back of the garage, about six feet off the ground.

Me: “Where do you put them when you’re done?”
Justin: “Back on the wall.”

Duh, Mom.

In addition to that piece of info, as Justin and Cameron were chasing each other around the house tonight, drawing their wands on each other upstairs, they managed to jump on the floor hard enough to dislodge a light fixture from the ceiling downstairs in the family room, shattering it into a zillion pieces. That was enough “magic” for one evening.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011

2 thoughts on “Reducto Flipendo

  1. I always thought I had to watch my kids like a hawk when they were toddlers. Wrong. It’s when they’re eight and have the ability to reach stuff. Scary! At least you know he knows how to use them correctly. And he cleaned up after himself. That’s a miracle in my house.

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