Do You Wanna Get The Chicken Pops?

Conversation between Justin, Alex and me yesterday afternoon.

Justin: “Why’s my friend goin’ to the doctor?”
Me: “Because she hasn’t been feeling good.”
Justin: “Are they going to give her a shot?”
Me: “I don’t think so.”
Justin: “Are they gonna stick that thing in her throat?”
Me: “Maybe.”
Justin: “Why do they do that?”
Me: “So they can see into the back of your throat with a light to see what it looks like.”
Justin: “That hurts. I don’t like that.”
Me: “It doesn’t really hurt, it’s just uncomfortable.”
Justin: “Yeah, it’s uncomfortable.”
Alex: “I think shots are uncomfortable.”
Justin: “No, shots HURT.”
Alex: “Yeah. I don’t wanna get a shot.”
Justin: “But you have to get shots. Do you wanna get the chicken pops?”
Alex: (Giggling.) “The chicken pops???”
Justin: “Yeah, you get dots all over your face and you itch really bad.”
Alex: “I don’t want the chicken pops!”
Justin: “Then you have to get a shot. Shots are healthy.”

Take that, all you wacko, misinformed celebrity anti-vaxxers. I’m indoctrinating kids one by one. Without even trying. Get immunized!

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


2 thoughts on “Do You Wanna Get The Chicken Pops?

  1. It’s amazing to me that parents would willingly subject their kids to a very uncomfortable illness when there is a perfectly safe and effective vaccine against it. It’s completely ignorant. And irresponsible. As you stated, there is an incubation period that can’t be exactly pinpointed where kids can carry the virus around and infect susceptible populations such as the immuno-compromised and the elderly.

    Rampant belief in internet pseudo-science peddled by celebrities is something that frustrates and maddens me and I’ve written about it before. Thanks for your comment, and thanks for being on the side of SCIENCE!

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