Golden Puppies

My friend rides horses at a farm near where we live. The owners are very open and nice folks, and while they give riding lessons, they don’t mind if kids come out and groom the horses or check out other animals they might have in residence. Right now the big attraction is a litter of eight golden retriever puppies. They were born a few days before Christmas so they’ll be around for several more weeks before they’re adopted out.

Is there anything better than a new puppy? I took Justin and Alex out this morning, and they were both smitten. They each picked one out that they held and took care of while we were there, it was so sweet. Even though there were six other puppies running around, they kept talking about “my” puppy. Mom came in for feeding time, which was exciting for them to see.

And no, we’re not getting one. Adorable little golden puppies turn into adorable big dogs, and that doesn’t work for me. But it’s fun to play with them when they are someone else’s! Kind of like babies.

Alex with "his" puppy.

Justin holding "his" puppy.

Poor Mom. I know how she feels having someone needing something. All. The. Time.

"Where's mine?"

Busy, squirmy, pudgy, playful, furry golden puppies!

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012



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