I’ll Tumble 4 Ya

In the spirit of doing new things, and getting the hell out of the house while my husband tried to fix the garage door opener, tonight I took Alex to the local high school gymnastics meet. My friend takes pictures for a lot of school events, and invited me to shoot along with her. Might be a chance to get my name out there with the high school crowd before senior picture time this summer.

I’d never been to a gymnastics competition, so I thought it would be fun to photograph something new. Conditions were tricky because no flash photography is allowed for safety reasons, and the action is pretty fast-paced. I think I got a few decent shots, good for my first time anyway.

Working the uneven parallel bars.

Like many people, I’m hooked on gymnastics during the Olympics. Watching these girls, who were all very good, though with varying levels of skill, it definitely makes you appreciate just how talented those world-class Olympic athletes are. These girls were all good tumblers, but you realize the finesse and polish seen when watching an event on television is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

We had a good time. Alex behaved, spent half the time playing games on my phone, the other half explaining to me that there are two ways to do the splits, and other things he thought I needed to be enlightened about.

Tomorrow’s another day. Justin’s best friend, Karlie, is coming over after school. We might go see some bald eagles in southern Minnesota this week or next. Happy Feet Two, Puss In Boots, and The Muppets are all playing at the cheap theater. We’re going back to see the golden retriever puppies on Friday. Life around here is Action. Packed.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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