The Breakfast Club

Typical Saturday morning today.

Justin: “I’m HUNGRY!!!”
Me: “What do you want for breakfast?”
Justin: “I don’t know, just GET ME SOMETHING!”
Alex: “I don’t wanna watch tennis!!!”
Me: “Do you want cereal?”
Justin: “No.”
Me: “Cinnamon toast?”
Justin: “No.”
Me: “Yogurt?”
Justin: “No. I want something that’s not big!”
Me: “String cheese?”
Justin: “No.”
Me: “Grapefruit?”
Justin: “NO! I said not BIG, that’s way big!!!”
Alex: “STOP yelling! And I don’t wanna watch tennis. This is stupid.”
Me: “Justin, what do you want then?”
Justin: “I want Life cereal.”
Me: “It’s all gone.”
Me: “I don’t know. We still have Rice Chex, Corn Chex or Rice Krispies.”
Justin: “I like Rice Chex, but I only want Life!!!”
Alex: “That’s it. I’m turnin’ off tennis.”
Me: “Alex. Don’t you touch the TV. Justin, what do you want, I can’t do anything about the Life being gone.”
Justin: “Just tell me what we have.”
Me: “Oatmeal.”
Justin: “No.”
Me: “Cream of Wheat?”
Justin: “What’s that?”
Me: “Just hot cereal. It’s good.”
Justin: “No. I don’t like that, it’s too hot.”
Me: “An apple.”
Justin: “No.”
Me: “An orange?”
Justin: “NO. I hate oranges.”
Me: “Scrambled eggs.”
Justin: “No.”
Me: “A bagel with cream cheese.”
Justin: “No.”
Me: “A waffle.”
Justin: “No.”
Alex: “MOOOOOOOOMMMM. I. Don’t. Wanna. Watch. TENNIS!”
Me: “String cheese.”
Justin: “No. You already said that.”
Me: “Cinnamon toast.”
Justin: “No.”
Me: “Plain toast.”
Justin: “No.”
Me: “Graham crackers.”
Justin: “No.”
Me: “This is ridiculous. What do you want then?”
Justin: “I don’t know.”
Me: “Well, when you figure it out, tell me.”
Justin: “What else is there?”
Me: “How about graham crackers dipped in yogurt? That’s really good.”
Justin: “No. I want a bagel.”
Me: “Fine.”
Justin: “And those crackers and yogurt.”
Alex: “But how do you do that? Graham crackers are big.”
Justin: “Alex, I know. You just break them so they’re little.” (Silly squealing giggle.) “This is gonna be so good!”

Yeah. Good.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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