You Can Kinda Go Home Again

I’m back in Kansas for a quick and unexpected visit. My aunt’s memorial service is scheduled for Wednesday. So I made the trek with two of four kids. Alex was definitely going because he doesn’t have school, and I couldn’t in good conscience leave Barry alone with everyone. Cameron wanted to go really bad, and wore me down with two solid days of begging. Additionally he hasn’t missed any school this year, and separating him from Justin and David isn’t a bad thing. And he could run interference for me with Alex while I was driving. By interference I mean dealing with DVD player related emergencies.

I probably shouldn’t say this, lest I be cursed for the return, but our trip could not have gone better. Cameron and Alex are by far the easiest pairing of any of the four. They get along. Cameron is patient with Alex. Alex is nice to Cameron. They’re both fairly quiet and low maintenance. They were doing so exceptionally well, that I decided to detour this morning, after spending the night with my brother’s family in Omaha, through Manhattan, Kansas, home of Kansas State University. My alma mater, and a place I haven’t visited in nearly 15 years.

It was odd coming in through the north side of town. At first I was confused about where I was exactly because things have changed and developed so much, but it’s funny how muscle memory quickly returns, and as soon as I saw one familiar sight, I didn’t even have to think about driving, I just instinctually knew where to go. Just like the good ol’ days.

Sign at the corner of Manhattan and Bluemont.

First stop was Bill Snyder Family Stadium. Home of the KSU Wildcats football team. To my surprise, the field was basically open, and we were able to walk around a bit. We'd have explored more, but Alex was in need of a bathroom.

Shades of K-State Purple.

Aggieville, the party district. The Last Chance bar was still there. And an old favorite bar where I'd had some fun times had apparently returned from the dead. I didn't look to see if it had gone country-western. That would have broken my heart.

I dropped a shit ton of cash at this book store when I was taking a lot of art classes.Anderson Hall. Pretty as a postcard.

St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center. Shout out to Fr. Keith, I think he's still there!

College of Engineering at Durland Hall. This building was brand new and shiny when I was there. Looks a little dingy now.

I'd totally forgotten about cutting through this field to walk to class when I lived in Ford Hall.

No clue what this building is. Lots of new stuff on campus.

I had a love/hate relationship with Bluemont Hall and the College of Education housed within it. I think it took them at least 20 years before they stopped asking me for monetary contributions.

Eisenhower Hall. Not sure if this still houses the Department of Foreign Languages or not. I think I had a German or Humanities class in about every room in that building.

A parting shot of Anderson Hall, the main administration building.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


3 thoughts on “You Can Kinda Go Home Again

  1. Beautiful photos! I must say, I’ve always thought this was a pretty campus. Not as pretty as MY alma mater…but pretty! There was a deli in Aggieville that was across from campus and near Varney’s and Kinko’s…best danged sammiches I have had in a long time. (Used to have to train folk at the Kinko’s–post grad…). I’m glad you got a chance to visit the Little Apple again! Give your folks hugs for me. I’m sorry about your Aunt.

  2. That was Rock-A-Belly deli, Teresa. I’ve been away from Manhattan for nearly 20 years, but I still crave those sandwiches!

    These are some beautiful pictures. I also had a love/hate relationship with Bluemont, one of the ugliest buildings on campus!

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