Bizarre Searches

WordPress analytics can be quite fun. At the end of the month it’s always interesting to see what search terms have resulted in directing traffic to my blog site. I really don’t know what these search engines are thinking. Here are my favorites from January.

human league makeup – Clearly someone is going to a bitchin’ eighties party. 

secret goldfish – ???

soup nazi – “Come back. ONE YEAR!”

+”i had to pee” +”still had to pee” – We’ve all been there, sir.

punch hole in wall hotel – Are we looking for tips? Stories? Repair kits?

what if my 5 yr old wont wear clothes to bed? – Extra blankets, I guess.

jennifer ramble – Hey, now we’re getting a little too personal.

remington steele suit – I’m assuming he’s accompanying the Human League chick to the party. 

boys are smelly – Word.

spongebob shits himself – Can’t say I’ve seen that one.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012

3 thoughts on “Bizarre Searches

  1. As a secret sponge bob fan, I can’t say I’ve seen that one either! My sister doesn’t like spongebob so I have no excuse to watch it anymore 😦

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