Under The Sea

Alex is gearing up to get a blue tail for his birthday in April, and has grand plans to become a mermaid and live under the sea. Preparations are taking place as we speak, which include a minimum of twice daily baths to learn how to use his legs as a tail.

Some of his concerns:

“Justin will miss me if I’m a mermaid and live under the sea, but I will come back and visit him.”

“Know where I’m gonna live? With some nice fish. And you know what happens if I’m bad? I have to swim with (dramatic pause and hushed tone) a bad fish.”

“But I won’t swim where crocodiles live, because what if they snap off my tail?”

“How am I going to come back, though? Do you know? Oh, I know. I’ll ask the other mermaids. And the mermaids will take care of my tail while I’m gone. I know that. Actually I’m gonna leave it on the sand.”

“And don’t worry, at night, if you want to snuggle, I’ll ask the mermaids for me to come back, and I’ll come back to the house. I won’t forget.”

“I would like to play ball with the fish. But fish don’t know how to play ball. So I’ll put the ball back up on the water. Gently.”

“But…real mermaids don’t live under the water. I’m serious. What if there are no real ones? Maybe I should live at Disney World. Then I can be with Ariel.”

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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