Words With Fiends

My very first game, against a random opponent. A losing, but respectable enough effort. For now.

Last week David downloaded the Words With Friends app to my iPhone. It’s basically Scrabble, which I’ve never found particularly entertaining, but a friend who plays regularly convinced me to try a game or two.

As Alec Baldwin can tell you, it’s rather habit-forming. I’m finding it’s the perfect outlet because it can be played in two-minute increments, piecemeal, when I have time. And in my world now, that’s perfect, because other than after about 9:00 pm, if I’m lucky, I don’t really have more than five uninterrupted minutes in my day.

Right now I’m still considering myself basically a newbie because I just started, and the couple of games I’ve lost haven’t bugged me. Much. Most people wouldn’t guess it, but I am highly competitive. And I don’t like to lose. I also don’t like people knowing how much it bothers me to lose. So I hide it well. And as I play more, and I’m playing against opponents I know, losing is going to become less of an option from a psychological standpoint. In other words, I’ll be pissed off.

So Sherry R. and Wendy F.O. you’re on notice. Even though you’re kicking my ass now, I’ve got you in my sights.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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