Let’s Pretend

Karlie, Justin’s very best friend, came home with him on the bus yesterday. Karlie and Justin are both 6. Alex is 4. They are three very different personalities. At one point I was listening in as they played together with a bunch of action figures and dolls. Justin and Karlie had very different agendas, while Alex kind of just hovered in the background doing his own thing.

Karlie: “Let’s pretend you’re the husband and I’m the wife.”
Justin: “Yeah, and then we get into the car and race.”
Karlie: “And we’ve been married a long time and I’m having a baby.”
Alex (singing): “I loooovve being a merrrr-maaid!”
Karlie: “You have to drive me to the hospital because it’s time for me to have the baby.”
Justin: “And when we get there, I fight with these other guys.”
Karlie: “We’re going to name the baby Madeline.”
Alex (now singing in a high falsetto): “Merrrr-maids are so beautiful! We live in the ocean!”
Justin: “These guys fight with a knife.”
Karlie: “And now you have to go to work, and I’m putting the baby to bed.”
Justin: “Let’s all drive in the car on a trip.”
Alex (still singing): “I am a merrr-maid who lives with a priiin-cess.”

I really should have secretly recorded that. I’m missing a lot of the finer details.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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