Crappiest Commercial Ever

Commercials on daytime television are enough to make you check yourself into a mental hospital for “exhaustion.” I’m not even talking about the stuff that’s on during talk shows, game shows, or soaps. You know the ones, ambulance-chasing lawyers, payouts for structured settlements, online trade schools, how to get Medicare to approve you for disability benefits. All completely depressing.

For that reason, I don’t even turn the TV on during the day. But Justin and Alex like to watch their kid shows, which are actually fairly clever and educational, until the commercial breaks. There are some days, like when Alex comes running over to tell me that he wants yet another toy for his birthday that he saw on TV, that I just have to be done with that too.

I can handle the constant barrage of toy commercials, but what’s really driving me insane lately are two utterly ridiculous diaper commercials. The one I overheard while making lunch made me want to scream. It was for a new line of Huggies that are SO leak-proof that they can withstand an entire football game before you have to change your kid. Even overtime! Dads rejoice! Finally a product that lets your lazy, sports-watching ass neglect your kid until it’s convenient for YOU to deal with taking care of him! What a BREAKTHROUGH!

There are no words for the next one. Actually there are. I don’t know what’s more offensive to me, the “Poop! There it is!” song parody that my kids have to listen to, even when I spend every waking hour to get my kids NOT to use potty talk around the house. Or the concept itself, which is, essentially, a contest to see which obnoxious cartoon baby can fill their pants up the fullest.

I found a video of it. Judge for yourself. Somehow I don’t see Don Draper making the pitch for this campaign to a client. Fortunately I don’t need to buy diapers anymore, but if I did, I wouldn’t buy Luv’s just because of that commercial.


© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


3 thoughts on “Crappiest Commercial Ever

  1. I laughed a little the first time I saw the Luv’s commercial, but not because I enjoyed the commercial so much. I laughed more or less because of how funny it was to me that the universe is finally being so open about how it caters to the lowest possible common denominator. I actually also hate hte Gerber Life Insurance commercial where the families talk about how they haven’t started saving for college yet. One couple says that they have and the others are shocked. In the last moment, one “dad” scolds his toddler by insisting, “you’re GOING to college.” The others laugh. Ugh. I don’t know what I find most irritating about it: the terrible acting, the snobby imperative about a child not getting to make choices about his own education one day, or the notion that everyone must go to college one day.

  2. I have to agree, even though I am done with diapers, it was a bit irritating to assume (and portray) that dads would ignore their child through the game, and that the diapers would last that long. As I’m typing, that exact commercial just came on. I am thankful that my husband is more involved than that, and wouldn’t consider making his baby sit in a wet or dirty diaper (just because it wasn’t leaking) so he could finish his game uninterrupted. Not all men/dads are like that. Like “Off Duty Mom” said, “caters to the lowest common denominator”.

  3. i agree. im done with diapers, myself, until im maybe 85, but this commercial is crass and disgusting. just the idea that some college educated braniac came up with the concept sends shivers down my spine. then it was approved presumably a whole cadre of intelligent adults and then the company itself said, “sure, that represents us”. boggles the mind. i believe i stepped out years ago when they started advertising feminine hygiene products on television.

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