Over The Rainbow

The kids and I like to watch Modern Family (Wednesdays 8pm Central on ABC). It’s hilarious and clever and sweet with fantastic characters. Last night’s episode was all about Cameron, whose birthday is on Leap Day, and his big Wizard of Oz theme birthday party with wait staff in full costume, a yellow-brick road carpet, and a tornado machine.

And a pair of specially made ruby house slippers.


Much to my chagrin, see my post entitled Off To See The Wizard, Alex has been into The Wizard of Oz for some time. He must have been thinking all night, because when I woke up this morning, Alex was right at my side, and said he had something to tell me. “Mom,” he said, “Know what the name of my birthday party is going to be?”

Me: “No, what?”
Alex: “Over The Rainbow.”
Me: “Oh, really?”
Alex: “Yeah. And I’m gonna be Dorothy.”
Me: “Ok.”
Alex: “And I want a Wizard of Oz cake.”
Me: “That sounds neat.”
Alex: “And a yellow-brick road.”
Me: “Ok.”
Alex: “And who’s gonna dress up as the witch?”
Me: “I don’t know.”
Alex (touching my nose): “Do you have a big nose? No, you don’t. Maybe Daddy can be the witch.”
Me: “I’m sure he’ll like that.”
Alex: “And you can be the good witch. You’ll need a sparkly dress.”
Me: “That sounds pretty.”
Alex: “And who is gonna be the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion?”
Me: “David, Cameron and Justin?”
Alex: “Oh. Yeah! And I have to tell you something else.”
Me: “What?”
Alex (whispers): “You have to get Penny to follow me around.”
Me: “Ok. Because she’ll be Toto?”
Alex: “Yep.”
Me: “Well, we’ll see.”
Alex: “And what about the monkeys?
Me: “I don’t know.”
Alex: “We won’t have the monkeys inside, they’ll only be outside hanging in the trees.”
Me: “Ok, that’s a good idea.”
Alex: “And we have to make Emerald City.”
Me: “That will be pretty.”
Alex: “What can we use for the yellow-brick road?”
Me: “I’m not sure.”
Alex: “Maybe a big roll of paper.”
Me: “That might work.”
Alex: “I can’t wait. But I don’t know how to click my heels.”
Me: “That’s not hard to learn.”
Alex: “Oh. Yeah, I can do it.”

So…I’ve got roughly seven weeks to either plan this Wizard of Oz extravaganza, or hope that he moves on to something else.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


3 thoughts on “Over The Rainbow

  1. I think it was very kind of him to give you the role of the good witch. I know for sure my kids would yell, “And Mom you can be the wicked witch because you got that part down pat!”

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