What’s In A Name?

I don’t write much about my past life in the corporate world, but once in a while I talk with old friends, and we start reminiscing and trading war stories. I’ve had to lay off employees as well as fire them. It’s never a pleasant task. But my friend, who works for a large hospital conglomerate, has some of the best tales ever. I could go on for days.

One that came up recently was when she had to terminate a lab technician for, among other things, his temper, and his treatment of a co-worker. My friend, along with the employee’s direct supervisor, who are both women, asked another manager, Ted, to sit in on the meeting because they feared the employee might be volatile.

No surprise to them, he reacted angrily. Ted tried to settle him down by saying, “Tim. Tim, now just calm down. Tim…”

The guy looked up, and said, “My name is Ryan.”

Oh well. At least he calmed down.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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