A Tale Of Two Pictures

A good way to get a half hour to myself, uninterrupted, when just one kid is around, is to allow Justin or Alex unfettered access to my iPhone. One of their favorite apps is Doodle Buddy. They can draw pictures either with colors or use stamps. Today I found some of their work saved onto the camera roll of my phone. I didn’t even have to ask who did which one.

This is the work of Justin. Fire. Bombs. Eyeballs. Guitars. Basketballs. Skulls. Disco Balls. Four-leaf Clovers. Pots of Gold. Bees. Snakes. Elephants. Racing Flags. Every part of the canvas is covered in this organized bit of chaos.

And Alex's design. Goofy Smiley Faces. Lips. Hearts. Frogs. Witch Hats. Trees. Puppies. Orange Daisies. White Daisies. Strawberries. Butterflies. Lemons. Definitely getting a different vibe from this one.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012

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