Being Burglarized Blows

About five hours ago a group of no-good teenaged fucktards broke into my house.

They stole my laptop, Barry’s iPod, David’s $5.00, our Wii, some prescription medication, and went through our fire safe. Sorry fellas, only papers in there, no jewels or stashes of cash.

It will be a pain in the arse to file a claim with the insurance company, scrape together cash to pay the deductible on one income since my freelance gigs hardly pay the bills, rebuild lost data and files on my laptop (an important lesson learned…back up more than once every few months), and recover music, and call the pharmacy, and keep watch on bank accounts and credit cards to make sure nothing fishy is going on. Obnoxious as that will be, it can be done, and material things can be replaced, but our sense of security and safety won’t be so easily won back.

Right now I have four kids who are scared to go downstairs alone. They’re afraid to sleep alone in their beds. They don’t want us to go outside and leave them alone in the house. Thanks a lot, you stupid kids trying to score a quick couple hundred dollars off of crap you can pawn on Craig’s List. You don’t know how bad I want to fuck you up.

We live in the most boring neighborhood in America. Usually about the biggest things that go down here are an occasional swiping of a cell phone in an unlocked vehicle. But lately there have been a string of break-ins.

Tonight I left at 4:45 to take the kids to David’s baseball game. It was raining and miserable, so when Barry showed up at 6:15 with Penny, I was not happy. The last thing I needed to deal with, along with broken umbrellas, kids whining about wanting cookies, was a soggy dog.

Barry didn’t have an umbrella, so I said fine, take mine, I’m outta here. The rain showed no signs of stopping, so Alex, Penny and I left. We got home at about 6:30, and the second we stepped in the house, Penny went completely apeshit. Barking and running around upstairs, then wanting to go downstairs, but stopping. I thought she was nuts. The door leading downstairs was closed. Kind of weird. I took her down there so she could investigate and chill the fuck out. But she made a beeline for David’s room and her nose was sniffing everything.

Never question a hound dog. They know their shit. If I’d have gone downstairs with her right away I might have caught the bastards leaving through the back sliding class door, and could have turned her loose on them. I’d have my laptop back. It’s killing me not to have my laptop. All my photo editing software, pictures, files…oh. my. god.

But I digress. I knew something was wrong when I went into the master bedroom to put away my purse, and there was a bottle of Nestlé green tea on the floor. I don’t drink sweetened tea. Barry doesn’t drink tea, period. The kids had been with me the whole time. Then I realized the tea was next to my laptop cord, which was not attached to the laptop. Because the laptop was gone.

Later when Barry came home, and the sheriff’s officers were asking questions, he said that he’d left at 5:50, and before he pulled out of the driveway, some suspicious guys were walking down the sidewalk. He knew they didn’t fit in here, but kept going anyway.

So the kids all reacted differently. David went into town crier mode, texting everyone he knew, including Barry’s aunt, who called Barry’s sister, who called freaking out, and luckily Barry was able to head off before telling his overreacting mother. Cameron was all CSI, trying to check for fingerprints on the door, despite me telling him a thousand times not to TOUCH anything. Justin was very quiet and introspective. And Alex asked a million questions. The first thing Justin and Alex checked was to make sure their bear and blanket were not taken. Thankfully they were still there. They haven’t let go of them since.

The officers were very nice, and tried to reassure the kids that these were just punks looking to steal things that can easily be sold for cash, not to hurt anyone. And that they won’t come back because everyone in the neighborhood is extra vigilant and the cops are looking for them. But I don’t think that made them feel any better.

Cameron dusting for prints.

The crime scene technician let Alex, Justin and Cameron put their prints on a card, and showed them how she dusted for them with magnetic powder, so that was cool.

But it’s hard not to feel violated. I just love having photographs of my boy-infested messy house with unmade beds immortalized in a robbery case file. And trying to explain that, yes, those drawers were open when I left.

Anyway, this sucks. But thank you to my amazing friend, Julie, who always knows when to show up with a bottle of wine. And to my wonderfully thoughtful neighbor, Terri, who was quick to lend me her laptop, knowing that my way of communicating with the outside world is through writing. That’s what is so great about where I live, and it’s that kind of generosity and support that I want to focus on going forward. The rest will work itself out. I just hope my four brave little guys can get this out of their system quickly.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


8 thoughts on “Being Burglarized Blows

  1. So sorry to hear! What a horrible experience. Indeed, there are assholes among us. As much as your stuff, i hope you all get your peace of mind back, soon.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I really understand your feelings about this situation. Last Friday two “fucktards” in a motorcycle attacked my daughter on the street.
    One of them jumped from the motorcycle and took Camila from her neck asking her for the cellphone and money.
    She had the phone on an pocket of her trousers and the thief couldn’t find it. Then she started to cry and in the same time a neighbor just came out his house to leave the trash and the thieves left Camila and ran away as fast they could.
    Camila ran the 300 meters to our home as well as an olimpic runner and entered crying at home.
    After one week, she listens a motorcycle and looks over her shoulder and start walking faster.
    The insecurity feelings don’t leave us easily.
    Hugs from the far Buenos Aires.

  3. I completely understand the kids not wanting to sleep alone. Being violated like this is such a mind fuck. I am glad that nobody was physically hurt, but I’d be ultra pissed if my laptop got stolen. I’m very sorry to hear this.

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  5. Ugh. I am so sorry. We DO live in the most boring neighborhood and crap like this should NOT happen. I think we are near you, and I would have been right there tackling those delinquents to the ground.

  6. Jennifer, Kim from 1330 LSHD……..I am so sorry for your loss, we too were also shaken by this event……..the officer came to our door looking for clues. How aweful for you and your family. Not much we can offer to do except watch out for each other and pray that God will protect us from this kind of thing again. May God comfort you with a regained peace of mind.

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