Sunsets From Kansas

I’m headed back to Minnesota tomorrow after a quick long weekend trip back home to Kansas. I always get a bit sad to leave. Tonight I went out and shot some sunset scenes with David, Alex, and my sister. The wheat is just starting to turn golden, western meadowlarks are singing their songs, and there is plenty of open sky to view a beautiful orange sunset on a clear blue-skied evening. We also spotted a skunk, four white-tailed deer, several rabbits, and some unidentified creature that was rustling in the wheat field, and scared the bejeezus out of me as I moved in closer for a picture.

Canada geese taking an evening swim.

Limestone post rock against a field of wheat.

One of the many oil wells south of Russell, Kansas.

Bright yellow sun setting against a brilliant orange sky.

Oil well silhouetted against a setting sun.

Contrails from nine different westbound jets visible under a clear sky.

Windmill against the soft colors of a darkening sky.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2o12


One thought on “Sunsets From Kansas

  1. Hey Jennifer…BEAUTIFUL pics from your visit to Russell. Nothing better then a Kansas sunset for sure and LOVE the rest of the pics too. Thanks for sharing
    Robyn 🙂

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