Tomorrow IS Another Day…But Then What?

We spent the weekend at two baseball tournaments in Rochester, Minnesota. We got back yesterday evening, and by the time I got the kids to bed a wicked thunderstorm started. Tornado sirens went off. I like to think that being from Kansas, given all the flak I get about Dorothy this and Toto that, that I have a bit of a sixth sense when it comes to recognizing a dangerous storm. And although there was a lot of lightning, there was nothing else that set off any alarm bells, so I let everyone sleep through it. Sure enough…all clear just a few minutes later. That’s annoying. Crying wolf over some straight line winds.

Anyway, Justin heard the thunder later and got up, I couldn’t get to sleep even though I was worn out from the weekend and the drive. Finally I caved and took two Benadryl at 12:30 so I could get to sleep. All I wanted to do was sleep until 7:00. Nope. Despite being cranky and overtired, Justin and Alex were up at the crack of dawn.

Some highlights of my day.

  • Justin wouldn’t play with Alex, so Alex got mad and threw a book at ME because of it.
  • David “didn’t mean to” peg Cameron in the hip with a baseball.
  • Alex stepped on Cameron’s head, so Cameron kicked Alex.
  • Justin drew on my kitchen counter with purple marker.
  • David continues to show that he is 12 going on helpless by claiming that he can’t clean out the van because he “can’t find” garbage bags or the hand vac, or that he doesn’t know what a “dashboard” or “console” is, so he can he be expected to polish them?
  • Justin wanted to take Penny for a walk, but David ordered him back inside the house.
  • Alex and Justin got into a fight over who would surrender to me the wire handle they broke off of a decorative pail. Alex lost that battle, blamed me for it, and peeled a piece of wood off of my bedroom door in retaliation.
  • Justin did “The Worm” down the entire freezer aisle of the grocery store, then threw a tantrum in the car because I wouldn’t let him dig the Oreo cookies out of the grocery bags before we got home.
  • Alex spilled water on his bagel pizzas. He didn’t react well.
  • Justin insisted on eating chicken nuggets as a late night dinner after his baseball game, and then refused to eat them because I only gave him six instead of seven.
  • Cameron ate chicken nuggets and then flipped out when I told him if he was still hungry he needed to eat fruit instead of another piece of David’s frozen pizza.

I feel like I’m missing a lot. The upside was that Penny was beyond worn out after spending the weekend at the dog sitter’s house with a gaggle of other doggie friends. She was too wiped out to even think about being naughty. Plus after hearing me losing it with the rest of them every five minutes, she probably didn’t dare.

In the immortal words of Scarlett O’Hara…Tomorrow is another day.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012



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