Let’s Dish

My dining companions treated me to a delightful mealtime discussion today. Care to listen in?

Alex: “Mom, I just farted on my chair. It sounded cool.”
Cameron: “Have you ever farted in the bathtub? It makes bubbles.”
Alex: “Yeah! Smelly bubbles!”
Cameron: “And turns the water green!”
Justin: “No, diarrhea turns the water green. Actually yellow.”
Alex: “Yellow!”
David: “You guys, stop talking about this during dinner.”
Alex: “It’s not dinner, it’s lunch.”
David: “No, it’s dinner. It’s 6:00.”
Cameron: “David, it’s 12:19! And Justin, it would be brown, get your facts right.”
Alex: “Your eyeball would be brown and it would go all the way down to your stomach and then turn into diarrhea.”
Cameron: “That’s gross.”
David: “Cameron. Everything you guys have been talking about is gross.”

Glad to see David is starting to find this line of conversation objectionable. It’s only taken 12 1/2 years.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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