What’s Bugging Me

Shit that is annoying the hell out of me at this moment.

  • My husband, when he loads the dishwasher, and it’s completely full, and he knows we’re out of clean bowls because he just used a mixing bowl for his cereal, but then doesn’t bother to run it.
  • David calling everything he doesn’t like “gay.”
  • Controlling Little League coaches who hassle 14-year-old umpires.
  • The woman who posts random used household items and clothes to a local neighborhood on-line garage sale Facebook page, trying to sell them for more than they would retail on sale. And she doesn’t even live here. Sorry, I’m not driving two hours to buy your previously owned men’s sandals for $15.
  • The reconfigured layout of Kauffman Stadium for the All-Star Game. You can’t even see the outfield grassy hills. They’ve already taken out so much of what was wonderful about that park to devote to advertising space, including tearing out an entire row of fountains a few years ago. Now this. Boo.
  • DirecTV and Viacom and their dueling propaganda messages about negotiations to keep Nickelodeon and other channels from going off the air at midnight tonight. I especially love the edited reactions from Spongebob, Dora, Victoria Justice, and iCarly, freaking out and imploring viewers to call and stop the madness. All I’ve heard today from my kids is how they won’t get to see their shows. Take it off-line, you losers.
  • This article, Michael Phelps’ work ethic challenged by teammate Tyler Clary, which I hope was taken out of context, because if not…nice Olympic team spirit. So basically what Clary is saying then, is that if Phelps had worked as hard as he did, he would have beat Clary’s ass in the 200m fly not by 1.5 seconds, but by 15 seconds. Wait until the Olympics, I’m guessing you’ll have some crow to eat along with your sour grapes.

That is all.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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