Goodwill Tour

When I frame photographs, sometimes I like the nice clean lines of a brand new black or white gallery frame. But if I want something unusual or interesting, I find that thrift stores are where some really cool stuff lurks. For example, today I found a gorgeous white birch frame with a nice cream-colored mat. For $1.99. I kind of felt stupid when the cashier commented on the picture of the cutesy kitty sitting on top of bathroom towels, knowing that picture was bound for the garbage bin as soon as I got it out of the frame.

Last year I documented a Goodwill shopping experience (see: Goodwill Hunting) with my phone camera. Today I revisited that theme. Enjoy.

Because nothing says Vegas like delicate flowers and dainty salt shakers.

Freaky clown and…I don’t know, is it a clown? Is it a doll? Whatever it is, it’s hideous and terrifying.

Tiny tea set clowns are also creepy.

I wonder what happened to Keith? Probably either died, got married, or went to a rest home.

Christmas shopping for my sister? Done.

Saddest. Toy aisle. Ever.

Goodwill. Your one-stop shop for expired antifreeze.

I’d like to buy one of these just to see if I could still use it to rifle a crosscourt forehand.

You know, if you want to upholter something.

Lots of overstock on the vomit orange color of sponges.

Ah yes, the album section. This stuff is gold, Jerry. Gold! These two need a room, though.

Just John and Mary. Like Sonny and Cher. Or Madonna. Or Beyoncé.

Placido Domingo and John Denver? That’s like drinking champagne with hot dogs.

Yes, it’s hard to be humble, Mac. But really, for you it shouldn’t be.

The Open Door: An Invitation. My RSVP is in the mail. I regret to say I won’t be attending.

Oh yeah, frames. That’s why I’m here. Not these frames, though.

Thanksgiving turkey in the ‘wave. I’ll have a slice of white meat and a slice of salmonella, please.

Fifty Shades of What? Got news for you people, “mommy porn” has been around for decades.

I’d say they might be Molly Ringwald’s, but I doubt she wears a size 10.

Looking for that elusive vintage “diamond in the rough” for Chad. This is a 100% double knit sport coat. Maybe not a diamond, but a pearl perhaps.

You can’t just spot a 70’s or early 80’s tie. You’ll know it when you FEEL it.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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