Why Am I Tired?

Everyone is finally asleep tonight and my house is peaceful. I’m thankful for these moments because they have a way of erasing away some of the ugliness of the day. For a minute I wondered why I feel like a truck ran over me. Then it kind of all came back to me.

Today while I was trying to get some photo editing done for a paid client, as well as get a new website up and functioning where I want it to be, Alex put turquoise eyeshadow all over his face. Justin wanted leftover Chinese food for breakfast. Cameron tried to break Justin and Alex’s bedroom door down because they wouldn’t let him in. Alex cried because he couldn’t find his Disney sing-along game for the Wii. Justin and Alex got into a spitting fight right next to me. Justin peeled an entire banana, then deemed it to be inedible and left it on the kitchen counter after wiping it on Alex’s shirt and hair. They all threatened to kill each other about five times apiece. David got up at 11:30 and made unfounded accusations about people taking his chicken strips. Cameron left a sandwich unattended that Penny snarfed up. Justin whined for 20 minutes about wanting to go to the pool. Justin and Alex took out every toy in the living room toy basket. Cameron chased after Alex for calling him stupid, which made Alex call him stupid even more, which escalated Cameron’s violent overtures (that happened at least ten times). David texted me every half hour asking if football teams had been announced yet. Justin sneezed a massive amount of snot out of his nose and instead of getting a tissue, chased Alex around threatening him with it. Cameron tried the hands-free approach when using the toilet. Twice David called our home phone four times in a row because Cameron wouldn’t pick up or come outside. I had to tell Cameron a very minimum of ten times to close the bread with a twist tie and put it away. Cameron used the hand-vac to vacuum up pickles. Cameron left his baseball cards lying on the floor after being cautioned a zillion times and then got mad at Justin for tearing one. Justin and Alex got into a kicking match over who got to snuggle Penny’s head. Alex melted down because Justin wouldn’t play “Tornadoes to Oz” with him. David snapped his phone in half and came in raging at his dad about it after first calling me. I had to tell Cameron five times to empty the dishwasher. Barry had the nerve to ask me why I was so “grouchy.”

So yeah, I’m kind of worn out. But I can’t remember why.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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