Two. More. Weeks.

So here’s my day so far.

Alex has had a swollen gland on his neck and a mild fever for a couple of days now. He alternates from being perfectly fine after a dose of Ibuprofen to dizzy and barely able to walk when it wears off. Keeping in mind that a snuffy nose sends him into a complete tizzy, I’m holding off on doing anything about this, even though I a little bit suspect West Nile virus. WebMD suggests that it might be the Plague. I’m probably going to disregard that, but just in case, can anyone recommend a good barber who can administer a bleeding? Or maybe we should just go straight to the priest.

Justin scribbled on the detailed drawing of the Twins’ dugout that Cameron spent a good hour or two on yesterday. As a result, Justin’s planned bike ride to Kwik Trip tonight with his dad has been cancelled.

Alex tried to break down the bathroom door while I was taking a shower because, “I NEED BREAKFAST! I’M GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH!!!”

Alex threw a magazine rack down the stairs at David.

An extremely offensive and gross discussion about bodily functions took place downstairs. I went into my bedroom, closed the door, put on my earphones, and played SongPop.

Justin and Alex got into a fight over who got to cuddle Penny’s head. Alex apparently reneged on a previously arranged agreement wherein Justin “got her head” for the entire day.

Someone taped Real Steel and I’ve had to listen to it for the past two hours while Cameron watches it in the living room.

David, in a true act of maturity, spent ten minutes calling Justin a “baby,” and making crying sounds at him until he did cry.

Alex, Justin and Cameron got into a three-way fight using a toy fire truck as a projectile.

David sprinkled water and ruined the new drawing Cameron spent the entire morning working on.

Alex was goofing around with a window screen, popped it out, launching it down onto the yard.

That was all before noon. The day did not improve. Two more weeks. Two. More. Weeks.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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