My Little Pun’kin

My little sillyheart, Alex, started school last week. I thought I might be just a little sad to see him go, but he was so darned cute and excited about it, you just wanted to share his enthusiasm. Also he’s the youngest, and that means everyone is in school now, and I have three glorious hours alone five days a week.

A week in, and he’s swallowed the kindergarten Kool-Aid. He takes everything in, and then lectures it back to me. He’s given me lessons on: playground rules, how to properly handle library books, and bus safety. He’s extremely conscious of, and often asking about what foods are healthy. Then he’ll tattle on someone for eating something I’ve deemed unhealthy (even though he had no qualms about himself eating a frosted strawberry Pop Tart earlier this evening) . “Mom, Cameron’s eating croutons. Those aren’t healthy.”

If it were coming from anyone else, you’d probably want to punch him in the mouth. But he’s ever so serious when he makes me carefully pull papers out of his backpack, and then read everything intently. When he had a Scholastic book order form, he immediately marched me over to my laptop because his teacher said you could order books on-line. And he had already picked out the ones he wanted.

Today the order form for school pictures was in his folder. After he warned me not to bend it, I asked him what he thought he wanted to wear on picture day.

He said, “I think this shirt I’m wearing today. Because today after I was done with my granola bar and milk, my teacher called me ‘punkin.’ She thinks I’m cute.”

I’d be inclined to agree.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2012


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