Argumentum A Contrario

Action shot of the  baseball mitt at the center of the controversy.

Action shot of the disputed mitt.

Yesterday Cameron and Justin got into a violent altercation over rightful ownership of a hand-me-down baseball glove. The glove was technically given to Justin, but Cameron decided he should have it because the pocket in his glove is worn out. This, despite the fact that the “new” glove was entirely too small for him. It was ugly, lasted a long time, and involved locking themselves behind closed doors, hiding the glove from the other party, much arguing, and three other people futilely trying to serve as arbitrators.

Eventually, after a cooling off period, we were able to convince Cameron that the glove was indeed too small for his hand, and that he could use David’s broken-in glove from last year (which Justin had been using). Problem solved.

Until this afternoon when we were getting ready for baseball, and Justin decided that he wanted to continue using David’s glove, which Cameron already expected to use. Thus resumed the exact same argument as yesterday, only they were fighting over the OTHER glove, the one no one wanted the day before.

Head. Wall. Repeat.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2013


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