Are You Going To Nap All Day?

This is me trying to take a lazy Sunday afternoon nap.

1:00 – Justin hits Alex in the nose, prompting a tearful Alex to lament that his nose, which is already stuffed up, is broken, and he goes in my room to snuggle up with his blanket and to seek protection from me.

1:02 – I sense that this could be an opportunity to get him to take a nap.

1:03 – He’s completely relaxed and lying quietly. Very rare.

1:05 – I make the decision that we are going to have the most epic nap ever.

1:07 – Justin comes in, asking to go to Target to get baseball cards. Request declined.

1:10 – David comes in to get the Kindle.

1:11 – Alex wants the TV turned on.

1:12 – My phone chimes to notify me that it’s my turn on Words with Friends.

1:15 – Penny scratches the door to come in.

1:20 – Alex wants to watch Peppa Pig instead of Spongebob.

1:24 – Penny hears a noise and wants to go out.

1:28 – Justin comes in. He’s decided that he wants to go to Lifetime, tries to go through my purse to find my pass.

1:30 – I hear Cameron go outside.

1:32 – Barry loudly complains that, once again, no one replaced the empty toilet paper roll.

1:34 – Alex wants to watch Spongebob instead of Peppa Pig.

1:35 – Alex’s thumb hurts. I need to get him “medicine” to put on it.

1:39 – Justin wants me to get something from the top of his closet.

1:42 – I hear Cameron come back inside.

1:45 – Penny scratches on the door because she wants back in my room.

1:47 – Alex wants a drink of water.

1:50 – Alex wants to know if I’m going to be a grandma someday.

1:52 – Alex is back up, messing around, and I can tell the window for the nap has sadly passed.

1:55 – I close my eyes.

1:57 – Penny leaves again.

2:00 – Alex leaves, David and Cameron are watching baseball with the volume up as loud as possible.

Meanwhile, Barry is downstairs in his recliner, napping. I’m going to shut my door and make a second attempt. $100 says he’ll come up and make a sarcastic comment asking if I’m “ever” going to get up.

2:20 – Justin comes in, wants apples with peanut butter. And so it begins.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2013


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